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Meet our digital team.

Jessie Cursaro


Growing up in small business has made me appreciate and understand the potential and opportunity of business and entrepreneurship.

Strategy and marketing are the icing on the cake to bring any idea to life. The right communications especially in the area of social media has been my expertise across many different industries for over eight years.

Will Twiss

Paid Advertising Strategist

Introducing Will, Artisan Agency’s paid ads specialist. With a holistic view across all projects, Will collaborates with every member of our team, ensuring our clients' ad strategies are nothing short of brilliant.Will's expertise isn't just limited to strategy; he's deeply immersed in the world of marketing and social media. He's always a step ahead, eagerly sharing with us the newest advancements whatever they may be.

Isabella Demarco

Communications Designer

With a background in Migration Law Practice and PR, she excels in engaging with diverse clients. Isabella tailors communication strategies to deliver outstanding results. Her vibrant personality creates a positive work atmosphere for all!

Isabella is a valuable asset, helping businesses thrive through effective communication strategies.

Eliza Fortunatow

Graphic Designer

Eliza is a graphic designer who loves brand personality. Having originally disciplined in visual arts she has a real love for colour and timeless design. Creating branding with a strong visual identity that stands out in the crowd is something she always tries to achieve.

Eliza predominantly works on email, social media and paid advertising campaigns, she is constantly researching and creating new designs that effectively communicate and drive desired engagement.

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